Scotty's Bourbon Whiskey

A.M. Scott Distillery's Scotty’s Bourbon Whiskey line is an ode to Grandpa Scotty – Air Force veteran, Purple Heart recipient and Miami County Sheriff. He served his community well, and he loved his people even better.

Every Bottle Honors

To honor all of our heroes like Scotty we are giving back. A portion of proceeds will benefit the Darryl Worley Foundation. Supporting the men and women who serve our country is something that will always be near and dear to the heart of both Darryl Worley and The Darryl Worley Foundation, whose mission is to create and aid organizations that assist with human need and welfare, community support, and education.

Darryl Worley Foundation

Darryl grew up with family members who experienced WWII, the Vietnam War, and the War in Iraq and saw firsthand the effects it has on veterans and the great need for resources to help them reacclimate into society once they return home.

More about the Darryl Worley Foundation

Tasting Notes & Aromas

Our Scotty’s Bourbon Whiskey has tasting notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruit and slightly candied and spiced, to create a balanced bourbon with a light rye spice in the finish.